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Hubbard placed an infinite degree of value over the symbols contained in “the R6 bank” — this series of “implants” installed in All people on earth seventy five million several years ago. In this article He's chatting about this topic, all over again in 1968:

No other religion tends to make you devote a long time and numerous 1000s of bucks to determine what their true doctrine is. No other religion forbids ANY contact with shunned members, or puts just one’s individual membership, and connections with one’s very own family, at risk for obtaining any Get in touch with with disaffected family associates.

To all These still standing in protection of Scientology ‘engineering’… during the text of Jason Beghe…”demonstrate me a mother fucking clear”.

Brian, I didn’t declare that Acquire ten Minutes of Nothing at all is all one particular would have to carry out to arrive at some permanently enlightened state. My stage was just that LRH did concern tech immediately aimed toward Nothingness. Just take ten Minutes of Nothing at all is comparable to non-mantra, mindfulness meditation. It could be recurring frequently and For a long time. And as with meditation, inexperienced persons may well have to slog through a lot of Anything to discover even a person moment of Very little. And so the sessions wouldn’t essentially be just ten minutes in length. The broad majority of Scientology processes do indirectly address static Nothingness.

But all this is simply the precursor to the bombs which have been dropped by Hubbard to the OT levels. This is when the REAL revelation about how other religions needs to be viewed is laid down because the law of scientology. The trick product of OT III depart little doubt.

Mike as the New 12 months causes it to be’s visual appeal,you have this kind of profound & properly created piece on Ron and his Activity.It really made me take a look at some quite familiar photos from several years back in another brighter light.Ron just loved his very own viewpoint a lot of he was willing to sacrifice several on his altar.My very first weeks in Sea Org @ Asho File,no-1 quite realized wherever To place me.So besides operating the folding machine Yikes! I also received to do Unique drills thinking about I'd Considerably catching up to do having not been in org or mission prior.At one particular place a GO/ Information and facts was the Org board title but go through Intelligence stopped by where I scientology beliefs celebrities used to be in scientology beliefs christmas a course table and basically explained,Two points Ann.

God bless you for this remark, it amazes me to no end how the media has designed a negative frenzy about this religion and Just about Absolutely everyone received carried absent hook line and sinker. I am one hundred% christian, but will also open up minded. I see religion provides a cube with the sun shining on it and person on top a hill.

Weekly later, Hubbard wrote One more policy letter that is the 2nd reference analyzed on EVERY study course in scientology. He explained the concept of “squirreling” and more reinforced the concept of “Scientology or practically nothing.”

Ironically, when his time on the present finished abruptly, Stone and Parker did an episode of “South Park” wherever the character, Chef, was in a bunch that experienced him brainwashed and was killed off eventually.

Frankly Mike it does “really make any difference”, I am guaranteed you would not choose to be misquoted so terribly your self.

worship as they see suit... in personal). I never scientology beliefs about creation believe that someone may be physically harmed by

A commenter presented this and it really IS the final term. The official statement on the church into the IRS in trying to find tax exempt standing. Bolding mine:

And that Pleasure and independence was certainly not attained by Ron. The corollary of that may be that he couldn't lead us to that point out.

Hello Brian, your name is on that site Plenty of periods. Just an advice: in the event you proper-click the day and time of the blog site remark, you can copy the link towards the remark alone, and use paste someplace else. E.g. your post I'm now answering to:

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